My name is Jennifer Larsen. I have lived in the Greater Burlington area for almost three decades, and am actively involved in the community at many levels.

I have a passion for empowering individuals, to help those who want to make positive change. This is what draws me to work in conflict resolution.

Through my work in mediation, facilitation, training and coaching, I know that developing consensus is not always fast, and is not necessarily easy, but the products and results that emerge from such processes are typically more sustaining, longer lasting and generally produce greater rewards.

I am a careful and thoughtful listener. I am a skillful communicator, comfortable and confident engaging audiences and partners, facilitating processes and conversations. I have a strong, yet calming presence, and have the ability to establish a comfortable and productive rapport with a broad diversity of people.

I am adept at assisting people in important conversations to help them identify and articulate their interests, and in establishing processes to highlight the overlap between parties so they can more effectively approach the work to achieve common goals.

With a background in science, education and mediation, I bring a breadth and depth of knowledge that informs my practice. Because of my experience and interest in technical science, agriculture and workplace issues, I have worked in a variety of fields including environmental mediation and workplace problem solving.

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